Now that Apple and Samsung have eliminated the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, it has left a lot of customers scrambling to find the best Bluetooth wireless headphones. While Bluetooth as a technology has matured and become relatively stable, there are a lot of headphones available at expensive prices that aren’t worth the sticker price. In this article, we will be going over why Airpods are truly worth spending a high price to get. Reasons Airpods Are Worth The Sticker Price: 1. You Have An iPhone If you have an iPhone, Airpods are more than worth the sticker price. Apple does a great job with its ecosystem. If you want the most seamless ecosystem, there is no better way to get it than by investing heavily in Apple products. Apple sells products that work seamlessly together. You will know this as soon as you open your Airpods and they pair seamlessly without the traditional hassle of modern-day Bluetooth headphones. If you have an Android, it might not necessarily provide the same seamless experience which is what you may want to pay for. Because of this, Airpods may not be worth the sticker price without being already invested in Apple’s ecosystem with either an iPhone or an iPad. 2. Great Sound Another reason you may find the Airpods to be worth the sticker price has to do with the sound quality they offer. There aren’t many alternatives that offer the same premium sound quality at a lower price point. While you will be paying more for the brand itself, you get a premium sound and experience to match. 3. Brand/Support There is one thing that you can say about Apple that is true about all of their products. They make products that ‘just work.’ The same is true with their Airpods. You don’t have to worry about having defective products. If you do run into problems with them, you will be able to exchange them easily at one of Apple’s physical stores. Their class-leading support makes them very attractive for anyone who wants products they won’t have to worry about. As you can tell, there is no doubt for iPhone or iPad owners that Airpods are more than worth buying. If you are an Android user, you may not experience the same benefits that make the earbuds worth a premium. However, as an Apple user, no alternative available in the market can provide the same experience as Airpods.

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